Monday, February 15, 2010

The Meal

The dominant man and his submissive come together to share a meal. They take their place at the table. He will ask the submissive to do something that she, secretly, is dying to do. She does it, and they are both happy; a delicious start. But, the good dom has a voracious appetite and he is not likely to walk away from the table having only tasted the appetizer. In fact, it is not particularly fulfilling for either of them if that is all there is to the meal.

Sooner or later, he will ask his submissive to do something that she does not want to do at all. The dom finds nourishment from observing the battle of wills between he and his submissive. What he has commanded is not easy physically. To do something routinely, to incorporate it into one's life, moment by moment, is no small challenge. This is the main course; the meat and three vegetables.

Even more significant is the challenge his commands offer to the girl's mind. Her life, her day, her everyday is suddenly no longer hers. By virtue of the command she is reminded constantly, when in compliance and even when not in compliance, of who (or what) she is, of who is in control and who (or what) has no control. She no longer complies because she tells herself this is what she wants, too. Rather, it is made clear to her that what she wants is of little concern. It is his desire that determines her behaviour. The dom is satiated not just by compliance but by an adjustment of her attitude. This is dessert; decadence.

The submissive's mindset is altered permanently. She does his bidding without complaint; whatever he wants. This is the coffee served with a mint; assuming he allows her to eat it.

Bon appetit.


  1. Vesta,
    I don't have any idea what this refers to specifically -but that's the point, no? I do find the metaphor and the conceptualization intriguing though. My husband won't read around the blog world - but he will read what I specifically ask him to, so i sent him this link. Thank you.

  2. greengirl: I was not sure how to respond to you until now. 'The Meal' was a way my mind processed and tried to explain what I am currently undergoing. Perhaps, more recent posts have helped to describe that experience.

    For years, I tended to think that a dominant didn't go much further than the appetizer. I have since learned that he can go much further, not walking away from the table until the girl is transformed. Only the really hungry ones choose to partake but when they do, the girl is never really quite the same ever again. It is heady stuff.

    I consider it a lovely compliment that you sent this to your husband. I worked hard on it trying to get the imagery just right.

    Thank you.