Friday, February 12, 2010

He's mine

I came across this photograph on Deity's tumbler site this morning and it prompted a memory. Although I speak in the main of my submissive nature, I have long believed that we are all a combination of dominant and submissive qualities, and there can be no doubting that when put to the test, my dominant streak is alive.

It is a rare marriage lasting decades that is not tested by some young, pretty thing that comes along and likes what she sees in a man, regardless of his status. The wife is at home, busy bringing up little tots and the gorgeously dishy and sophisticated gal in the office impresses the suit clad husband in ways not available to the wife in the current environment. Sometimes, such a girl can get it into her head that the man in the suit, regardless of his little family waiting for him at home, should really be hers. In this event, the wife, no matter how submissive, must use the arsenal at her disposal. Of course, there are many ways to skin a cat, but sometimes the situation is such that a submissive woman must show her dominant side.

In my case, the gal had the temerity to call me at my own home and declare her feelings. I'm a friendly sort of gal, not inclined to dismissing folk or putting them down, but this was too much.

"I have nothing to say to you. This is our home you have called and I do not wish to speak with you again."

I returned the mouthpiece to the receiver.

It was a wakeup call to me that perhaps I was playing 'Mummy' a bit too much of the time. Here I was trying to save money and being practical, often too tired and perhaps too ambivalent to pay my husband due care, when the girls at the office were spending all their money and putting all their energies into looking like pin up gals, tempting the men in the office to look their way and pay them some attention.

"Do you want to be with her?" I asked him. I needed to know.

"Noooo. I want you."

She was given her marching orders.

But it was a lesson learned well.

Last night, two decades after that phone call, I collected my husband from the train. He got into the car and we kissed.

"Hello, Cindi darlin’. It is so lovely to come home to a 'good girl'."

I smiled, happy; married almost 30 years and still very, very happy.

'What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.' I believe that.


  1. Oh Vesta...what is there more to say...there is nothing more beautiful...two people like this...

  2. Sir J: Thank you.

    cassie: How lovely of you to say that. True love stands the test of time and overcomes all obstacles. It is forever. We both know that.

  3. Love certainly can conquor all, yes. But even then, people have to allow that outcome.