Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Introducing Lucille

Although he did most of the work, she was the one that was ravenous afterwards. She'd showered thinking of her stomach. When they reached the bistro, would she have the Spaghetti Marinara or the Lasagna? Definitely red wine, and if he allowed it, later she'd have a spoonful, maybe two, of his Tiramasu.

She'd not had to make a decision all afternoon or evening. He'd bound her when and as he chose, fucked her in all of her holes, as it suited him. Nothing seemed to be enough for him. Just when she thought perhaps she could drift off to sleep for a while in a state of utter bliss, he produced a 'gift', a beautiful and tasteful latex maid's outfit for her to wear. Today, he wanted to be serviced in every way. He was the King of his Castle and she was to know it; physically, emotionally and spiritually. He was her King and she'd pay the appropriate homage; do his bidding; give him what he wanted and when he wanted it.

It hadn't been easy for her to stay in role; a French maid on her hands and knees checking for dust underneath the table; ensuring that his apartment was absolutely spotless. She checked herself from actually laughing, but she did smirk on occasion, such was her pleasure in these humiliating games. He debased her, made every effort for her to feel her place, but her spirit would rise up no matter what he did to her. She lived for these moments; had trouble preventing herself from lauching into his arms and hugging him until she winded him. My God, he made her happy!

At the table in the quiet restaurant, for it was now quite late, it was irksome to stay in her seat, and yet she knew she must. She wanted to reach into his face and plaster his thick lips with kisses. She wanted to stroke him, paw at him, and let anyone watching know that he was hers.

She did none of this but instead grabbed his arm and held it tight. She simply must touch him, touch his skin, somewhere.  It was against the rules. Touching in the restaurant was against the rules and he went right up to her face; brought his big, green eyes up close and personal with her deep brown eyes. They said, 'Return your arm to its rightful place', and she did.

She would do whatever he said. She would charm him. Seduce him. She would make it impossible for him to live without her.

It was working. He had never intended to enter another long term relationship; never again. But then he meant Lucille and all bets were off.


  1. Is there going to be more? ok...mouse wants more...please (if possible).


  2. mouse: I think we can arrange that.