Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seeking co-operation

I can't say that I would have paid much attention to this photograph if I had come across it in tumbler myself. It was the words that were put with it that tickled my fancy:

"The girl on the right is concerned about the way the girl on the left is responding, because she knows she’s most likely the one who’s going to have to pay for it."

Yep, that got my attention and made me smile.

Once upon a time there was a thought to write a story about a group of girls and it was to be a rather difficult situation for them. If one misbehaved, someone else in the group might just be punished for her misbehaviour.

The words that went with the picture above totally explained (to me) why the girl on the right should be looking with concern at the other girl. She was the one likely to pay the price for the other's missteps.

It's a delicious and devilish thought, don't you think? (or am I alone here with my kinky thoughts...?)

As I was waking up this morning here's where my mind went:

It's after the scene above. The girls' ropes have been taken away and their mouths are empty. They are quiet and subdued after the ordeal; still naked. Yet the girls remain who and what they are: the one on the left is an extrovert and often in trouble. The one on the right is more of an introvert and tries hard to stay out of trouble. They are close to one another in only the way an introverted and extroverted girl can be. The introvert is attracted to the fun and excitement that the extroverted friend can bring to her life and the extroverted girl benefits from the commonsense and caution of the introverted girl. Let's call Miss Extrovert, Erina and Miss Introvert, Indy.

The man is not happy with the way things have gone in the session. and he is not ready to let the girls go and rest. He wants to consolidate the lessons learned with some time in the 'classroom' and he tells them to take their seats - two wooden seats at two separate wooden desks, side by side. The girls are reluctant. Their bottoms are marked and sore but neither of them dares disobey him.

He gives them both paper and a pen and he tells them that before they will be dismissed they are to write in their best hand writing, 250 times

"I must obey all commands instantly and with good grace."

They are not to stop writing at any time. They are not to look about and they most certainly may not wriggle in their chairs.

Do they understand?

"Yes, Sir." "Yes, Sir."

"One last thing," he says as they pick up their pens, "If there is any misbehaviour by one of you, I will punish the other girl."

The girls respond to this statement in entirely different ways. Indy sends up a silent prayer begging Erina to please behave herself, whilst Erina sees it as a delicious dare. How brilliant that she can be naughty but that the consequences will be felt by Indy! She knows it is bad but too good to let the chance go by.

Within minutes Erina is behaving like an errant school girl. She is shuffling about in her seat, looking all about her and crossing out words in a way that she knows will rile Mr. Perfectionist looking on.

"All right Erina, you were warned. Indy come here."

"But, Sir..."

"Don't make me ask twice Indy."

Poor Indy comes up to him positioned as he is over a big wooden chair holding a wooden back hairbrush and as instructed she bends over to take a walloping. Within a minute, the poor girl is howling as the brush meets her already tender backside and within two minutes tears pour down her face.

After three minutes of enthusiastic paddling, the man tells her to stand and even to express her regret for the misbehaviour and her thank yous for the correction.

This just isn't fair!!

"I am sorry that Erina misbehaved, Sir. Thank you for punishing me."

"Are you happy, Erina?" he asked.

It was true to say that at this moment, Erina had mixed feelings. Poor Indy looked so sad and confused and she had done something that Indy would never do to her. She bowed her head in shame.

"Continue on with your work, girls. Erina, begin your page again. It is a mess."

"Yes, Sir." "Yes, Sir."

As poor Indy carried on with her lines, sitting on a red hot and very sore bottom, she began to wonder what she ever saw in Erina. Yes, she had been lots of fun, but this high jinks of hers today had been too much.

The more she thought about it, the more upset she became. How dare the girl go about getting her in trouble like that again! How would she like to get that paddling??!! She would never do that to her!

Or, would she?!

A devilish, sinful and quite out of personality thought occurred to her. If she were to do something naughty, she could get back at Erina and teach her a lesson she would remember for a long time.

Ohhh, but she couldn't! Could she?! Well, maybe just this one time...

Before any thoughts of anxiety about being bad entered her good little head, she acted decisively and lifted the desk lid and banged it down, making such a thud that Mr. Perfect jumped out of his chair.

"Indy, how dare you make that noise!"

"Oh, what the fuck! Who cares about a little noise? Let's liven things up in here."

Her statement was met with silence and looks of total incomprehension. Both Mr. Perfect and Erina were too shocked to immediately respond. Indy said that?

"How dare you speak to me like that, young lady. Erina get over my knee right now."

"But, that isn't fair..." she began.

"I'll decide what is fair around here, Erina. Now, over my knee and don't think you won't pay dearly for this uproar."

Reluctantly, Erina tipped her naked body over Mr. Perfect's knees and from the first whack, he made sure that Erina would remember this paddling for a very long time. She howled out her complaints and cried her heart out while Mr. Perfect paddled her bottom, on and on and on...

To Indy's surprise, she enjoyed the spectacle enormously. She had no idea that there was a sadistic bone in her body until this moment but the day's events had changed all that. Erina was getting what she deserved and she was enjoying watching every moment of it.

The time finally came when Erina was told to return to her seat and much more subdued now, both girls completed their lines without another moments fuss.

When they were dismissed and returned to the bedroom they shared, they looked soulfully at one another and at the same moment said, "I'm sorry." They hugged one another tight.

From now on, Mr. Perfect could expect co-operation from both of them. It was guaranteed.

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  1. No I don't think you are alone in your kinky thoughts, and I love it when you share your stories. Makes romance novels just plain boring anymore.