Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thinking is so boring

For several years I've liked the image of the blue sky when thinking about the mind. Clouds come when they are ready and go when they are ready. No matter how many clouds are on the horizon, underneath is the blue sky. Blue sky, of course, is the still mind, the constant 'I am' that sits behind all emotional disturbances and turbulent thoughts of the mind.

Lately I have been enjoying the image of the water. No matter how many waves unsettle the water, underneath the water it is still.  To dive into the deep waters is to take a rest from the mind that wants to keep the ego always present.

To dive into the deep waters, into silence, is to stop for a time the incessant nature of the mind to think thoughts.

Without thought, stories running through the mind, there are so many gifts. The body calms as breathing deepens and slows.We have access to, for a few minutes at least, a higher form of ourselves.

Sharp noises soften. This has been my experience for the past several moments as a high-pitched drill can be heard close by.

The heart softens. Unconditional love can be felt, a connection to all beings, and self love too. There was a whisper of a settling thought that I noticed float across my mind. 'There, there, dear. You've woken unsettled. Just let the thoughts go. Thoughts are so boring.'

My mind becomes aware of what it hears. The drill has stopped. A plane is overhead. A bird sings.

Peace drapes over me like a black cloth.

The drill starts up again but it feels further away now. It is noisy outside illuminating the calm inside.

So lovely to know that with practice we have access to the still mind at a whim.

It could be said that a person seeks to reach a spiritual space. This implies a very long journey and a great deal of work with no guarantees. It is better I think, far more attainable, to simply settle into silence for a time. No need to call it meditation. Just give the mind a rest. That is all.

Close your eyes now. Breathe slowly and deeply. Let your body settle. Recognize that to not think is so delicious. In this moment, Now, there is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.

Notice that in the peace, unconditional love makes an entrance. There is a sense of weightlessness. The heart opens. This happens very naturally in a still space. The ego realizes it has been relegated to the back seat. It sits quietly awaiting opportunities to take the driver's seat, that it knows will surely come later.

Restored, you can proceed with your day. With this little look into a peaceful mind, you will of course visit again, and again. The ego has a true competitor now.

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