Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Seize the day

You don’t have a life. You are life.

Eckhart Tolle

For inspiration in the early morning I often turn to I have no doubt that this man has lived other lives and seen much more than you and I have seen. He isn't 30 yet and he has the wisdom of a very old man.

Eckhard Tolle. Well, I'm a huge fan. Of course, he is quite right. So many people, so many relationships that come in all shapes and sizes, and together we make up the fabric of life on this day, in this world. We are life.

Of course, the closest relationship we have to anyone is the relationship we have with ourselves. It's that simple. A voice runs inside our head almost non-stop and only we can share a kind relationship with our inner self.

I'm not at all sure that life just happens. I think we provide the impetus for a good day. As you'd know by now I enjoy having expectations, a cheer leader, someone to whom I must report, if you will. But, I can report to myself, too. I can elect to make this a happy day. I can elect to get out there for part of the day, to boost the exercise today; to make it a productive writing day. These are my decisions and in large part based on that inner voice inside my head telling me that this day is not to be wasted.

A little secret: Today's the day, some 20+ years ago that my daughter came into the world. I'd been to the doctor about this time of the morning and she'd said that they couldn't wait any longer. An inducement was booked for the next day. Well, I wasn't having any of that, and so I went home and laid down after lunch. I decided to touch myself to see if anything would happen. A contraction happened immediately and then in short order, another contraction. I held on for as long as I could, to make sure it was the real deal. Then, I called my husband who raced home and drove me to the doctor. I was in labour for about an hour and out she came.

What celebration! What joy! We had a little baby girl!

My darling girl: a sweetheart. Loving, kind, caring, hugely creative, competent...yet still unsure of her talents...just beginning to feel confident enough in her own skin to paint what and how she wants to paint...still struggling a little with confidence around more assertive associates, but starting to understand her own personal power to effect positive change in her own way.

My goodness, I've been lucky to have her in my life. Life is good.

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